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The Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations & Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in conjunction with its subsidiaries Ghalam, KGS, and Kazsat, and in partnership with the British company Dialogue Events, would like to invite the international space community to participate in the Space Days Kazakhstan (SDK 2024), scheduled to convene in the capital city of Astana, Kazakhstan, on June 19–20, 2024.

The space industry is pivotal to Kazakhstan’s sustainable growth and strategic objectives, contributing significantly to economic prosperity, technological advancement, scientific exploration, national security and global cooperation. 

2023 marked the start of a new era in the development of the nation’s space industry with the government laying out ambitious plans, backed by significant, approved funding, for the development of the sector to 2030 including launching an EO satellite constellation with medium and high resolution remote sensing systems, ground control complexes and a new communications satellite. Kazakhstan is the only country in Central Asia with a fully licensed spacecraft production cycle for both space and ground segments and the national space industry has passed all NASA technological readiness levels (TRL).

SDK 2024 is the platform from which Kazakhstan will showcase its future plans for the development of the space industry. With a rich history of notable achievements and a promising future as a global leader in space exploration, Kazakhstan offers exciting opportunities for international collaboration and investment.

The conference programme will focus on the launch of a new era in the development of Kazakhstan’s space sector and the opportunities for international cooperation and investment, the satellite communications revolution and connectivity, earth observation technologies with a focus on natural and technogenic disaster management and space infrastructure development. I have attached the first draft of the programme, which is developing daily.

Join Kazakhstan’s space community in Astana 19 – 20 June 2024.

Or contact co-organiser Dialogue Events directly

T: + [44] (0) 203 790 8881


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